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Graffiti Mural Beautification Initiative

The Graffiti Mural Beautification Initiative (GMBI) is designed to transform dilapidated surfaces into immersive art pieces. Established by the Temple of Hip Hop & the Fine Art of Hip Hop, the GMBI provides a sustainable alternative to graffiti removal.

The initiative’s murals with protective coatings allow for financial savings in areas which require constant graffiti removal, monetization of the art and additional solutions to enrich the community.

The GMBI also aims to educate art students to maintain public art pieces and develop career opportunities.

Get Involved!

Thank you for your interest in the Graffiti Mural Beautification! The public mural submission process allows you to propose a mural idea and location, as well as recommend artists.

If you are an artist interested in working with the Graffiti Mural Beautification Initiative, please visit our Artist Submission Form submission form to connect with Fine Art of Hip Hop’s Artist Relations Department.

Please access the Location Submission Form to submit sites and additional info for murals. This is recommended for supporters, community organizers, school administrators, business operators and property owners that are interested in installing a mural. Confirmation of property owners’ approval of the final design will be required before the artwork is installed.

Mural Idea & Location Submission 

We’re looking for great ideas and locations to collaborate with neighborhoods!

Our community-driven mural installation process is open to everyone. It builds on the Graffiti Mural Beautification Initiative’s vision for a beautified and equally prosperous South Florida, while empowering the next generations of muralists. In addition to beautifying our neighborhoods, public art fosters a sense of belonging and empowers communities to tell their own stories. We are looking for ideas that celebrate the uniqueness of South Florida and create unity through art.

Submit your mural ideas & locations by following the Location Submission Form

How to Apply as an Artist or Student?

Fill out the Artist Submission Form to be considered as an artist or student for the Graffiti Mural Beautification initiative! 

If you need assistance or a paper application, please contact the Fine Art of Hip Hop Project Management Office at You can fill out the application at any time. 

Fine Art of Hip Hop staff reviews applications on a rolling basis. Please allow up to 30 days from location and artist submissions for a response from the Project Management Office.

GMBI Installations

‘Overdose Awareness’ Mural completed during Art Week 2023 by CUSHKAN, DUSTO, Javi & HomeTeam Crew. Located in Wynwood (Miami) on NW 27th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenue.


Donations are accepted via FundRazr (

Purchase, stream & share Vicious Teknique’s “Fine Art” to support the Graffiti Mural Beautification Initiative with half of royalties being donated to the GMBI.